Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments


The TMACOG 2035 Plan

The On the Move: 2007-2035 Transportation Plan” became the region’s official transportation plan on July 1, 2007.

Creating this plan was truly a regional effort, and we thank all who participated, especially the 2035 Task Force members who so ably led the effort.

To view a plan summary, the full plan report , or the companion air quality conformity report, click on the various sections below. The core of the plan — the draft projects, initiatives and policies — are in Chapter VI, sections 8, 9 and 10.

Building the Case: Transportation Needs and Opportunities Summary

The Case for Total Investment in Transportation - "On the Move: 2007 - 2035 Transportation Plan" Technical Summary

"On the Move" popular summary: "The Case for Investment in Transportation" 

Air Quality Conformity Analysis and Determination for On the Move: 2007-2035 Transportation Plan

“On the Move: 2007-2035 Transportation Plan" by chapters:

Plan Cover & Table of Contents

Appendix A: Plan Requirements

Chapter I: Introduction to "On The Move: 2007-2035 Transportation Plan" Final Report

Appendix B: Public Involvement Process

Chapter II: Plan Requirements and Guiding Principles

Appendix C: Needs Assessment

Chapter III: Public Involvement Process

Appendix D: Plan Development and Evaluation

Chapter IV: Needs Assessment

Appendix E: Environmental Mitigation and Consultation

Chapter V: Plan Development and Evaluation

Appendix F: Environmental Justice

Chapter VI: Plan Projects, Initiatives, & Policies Appendix G: Plan Projects, Initiatives, & Policies
Chapter VII: Other Plan Components Appendix H: Approving Letters & Resolutions
Chapter VIII: Plan Implementation  

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Comments , questions, requests for plan copies, and inquiries about speakers / presentations are welcomed : Please click here to send an e-mail message, or call Diane Reamer-Evans, Transportation Project Manager, at 419-241-9155 ext. 117.