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Agenda for Lake Erie - Policy Briefs (DRAFTS)

The Draft Agenda for Lake Erie is a TMACOG water quality policy document that details the policies, practices, and funding actions intended to make meaningful progress toward phosphorus reduction in Lake Erie, support a robust water recreation industry, and provide safe, reliable drinking water to our region’s 500,000 citizens. The Agenda for Lake Erie is divided into seven separate policy briefs that originated in TMACOG’s Water Quality Council and its technical subcommittees in 2017. In early 2018, TMACOG rolled out the draft policy briefs for stakeholder input and will present the final documents to the TMACOG Board of Trustees for approval in June, 2018. Check back often as this site will be updated throughout spring 2018.

>>Why the Agenda is Necessary and How the Agenda will be used

>>Organizing Principles of the Agenda on Lake Erie (12.29.17)

>>Impairment and the Clean Water Act (12.29.17)

>>Stormwater Management (12.29.17)

>>Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Habitat Restoration (12.29.17)

>>Public Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment (12.29.17)

>>Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems (12.29.17)

>>Agricultural Policies (12.29.17)

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