December 2009
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Stormwater Workshop Focused on Green Infrastructure

At one time, people dealing with stormwater simply led it into pipes and sent it into the storm sewer system. Where stormwater and sanitary systems are combined, this could lead to flooding and release of untreated sewage into water ways. Current Best Management Practices now focus on how to handle stormwater right where it lands. A two-day workshop in November described the green infrastructure that handles stormwater on site and gave practical information about operation and maintenance.

Attendees at the workshop “Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure” saw examples of water re-use systems in Monroe, Michigan; a green roof installation at the University of Toledo, and pervious pavements at sites in Toledo and Maumee. The workshop stressed that proper maintenance is critical to the long term value of green infrastructure. Even with the cost of maintenance, green infrastructure can be a good economic value for developers and municipalities. Government officials and administrators also learned about how some communities have shared resources and worked out permitting as partners.

For more information about stormwater management strategies and important local government permit requirements, see TMACOG’s Stormwater Management Standards Manual.

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