December 2010
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TMACOG Student Watershed Watch – Summit

More than 200 students from middle school to high school and from 13 schools in the Maumee Bay region and Maumee River watershed participated in the 21st annual Student Watershed Watch – Student Summit in November. The TMACOG Student Summit is the second part of the Student Watershed Watch. Earlier in the fall students completed field work, collecting samples and taking measurements. They continued their work in the classroom, comparing their findings to earlier years’ records, charting and graphing their results. The Summit is the conclusion of the annual Watershed Watch, and a chance for students to meet together and to share their results.

The TMACOG Student Summit was held at Nitschke Hall in the Engineering sector of the University of Toledo campus. Students participating in the summit present their findings in two ways: science-fair style tabletop displays, and a presentation from the stage at Nitschke Auditorium. For their displays, students posted charts of their findings and conclusions and included photos of their teams at work in the field. Some included water features or models. The stage presentations ranged from oral presentations, to video re-enactments in a fake news style, to narrated powerpoint presentations. Judges of the presentations noted that all teams demonstrated a command of the material.

Four stage presentations were cited by the judges as deserving extra recognition:

Most Informative Presentation: Toledo Early College High School

Most Creative Presentation: Start High School

Best Overall Presentation: Central Catholic High School

Special Recognition for Scientific Inquiry: Senior David Stewart of Bowsher High School who was mentored by Hull & Associates

Tabletop displays were judged by students. They selected:

Most Informative Display: Clay High School

Most Creative Display: Central Catholic High School

Best Overall Display: Eastwood Middle School

Students pose with banner at Nitschke Hall.

Clay High School students with Maumee River Coordinator Matt Horvat.

A question about the hellbender habitat in Nitschke Auditorium.

Pizza’s ready! Students finish judging table displays and head for lunch.

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