February 2010
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2010 General Assembly Focused on a Bootstrap Economy

TMACOG members are in general agreement that we can’t expect an over-extended federal or state government to bail us out of our problems. We’re going to have to do it ourselves. The annual General Assembly explored that theme in workshops and speeches. Strategies for self-preservation include supporting small businesses, promoting entrepreneurs, and using government tools like zoning and tax policy to support business.

Keynote speakers were D. Gregory Main, president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation; and Steve Weathers, president and CEO
of the Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) in northwest Ohio. They talked about diversifying the manufacturing economy and encouraging manufacturers to retool for an alternative energy world.

New TMACOG Leadership Elected at Annual General Assembly
Members of TMACOG elected new leadership at the group’s annual business meeting and General Assembly held Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Members elected Theodore Rutherford, mayor of the Village of Green Springs as chair of TMACOG, succeeding Tina Skeldon Wozniak. Carol Contrada, chair of trustees in Sylvania Township, is now the TMACOG vice chair, and Perrysburg Mayor Nelson Evans is the second vice chair.

Mayor Rutherford serves on TMACOG’s Environmental Council and on committees for Leadership Development, and Finance, Audit & Administration. He was TMACOG’s vice chair in 2009. Carol Contrada is a member of the TMACOG Leadership Development Committee and was second vice chair in 2009. Mayor Evans is a long-time member of TMACOG’s Transportation Council and is new to TMACOG leadership.

Speaking to members of TMACOG, new Chair Ted Rutherford said, “I would like to thank to those of you who are currently participating on councils and committees. I strongly encourage anyone who is not actively participating to find an area where you can get involved. Participation is the best way to network with all of the other TMACOG members and partners and get the most from your membership.”

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