March 2010
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Green Infrastructure and Best Practices Case Studies Workshops
Cleveland and Toledo, May 4 & 5, May 12 & 13

The goal of a series of four workshops is to illustrate a triple bottom line decision-making process – financial, community, and environmental – for creating site plans for land development. The Ohio Lake Erie Commission (OLEC) is bringing a case study approach to the question of how to design in residential and commercial settings using best practices. TMACOG is helping to present the series of workshops for engineers, planners, builders, realtors, construction professionals, landscape architects, community officials, and inspectors.

Case studies will focus on existing developments that were built without use of current best local land use practices, and used to illustrate how such best practices could be integrated into the sites to help meet all three objectives. The best practices that will be illustrated include:

  • Imperviousness control (reduce/disconnect permeable materials)
  • Vegetated filter strips and swales
  • Infiltration practices (rain gardens, trenches)
  • Filters/Underdrains (bioretention)
  • Basins (dry, wet, wetland, vaults)
  • Stream and woodland setbacks and enhancements

There will be a series of four workshops. The first two will be full-day events and will have a more technical, site development approach. The second two will be somewhat shorter and will focus on policy and community-level decision-making. Both workshops will feature a hands-on approach with group discussion of real projects. Case studies will be used to examine situations of in-fill/redevelopment and greenfield/new development. The workshops will be built around recommended decision-making tools and review processes. All four workshops will include CEU’s for professional planners, engineers, surveyors and landscape architects.

Presenters include Kirby Date, AICP, of Cleveland State University; John Aldrick, P.E., and Mark McCabe, CPESC, of CDM, Inc.; and Chris Riddle of OLEC. Registration will be online at balancedgrowth.ohio.gov in early March. For more information contact TMACOG stormwater intern Ann-Drea Hensly at 419.241.9155 ext. 103 or OLEC’s Chris Riddle at 419.245.2514.

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