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November 2010
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New Boundary for Maumee “Area of Concern”

To organize the work of environmental professionals and to focus clean up efforts where they are needed most, regions of degraded water quality around the Great Lakes are defined as Areas of Concern (AOC). The U.S.- Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement describes AOCs as “geographic areas that fail to meet the general or specific objectives of the agreement where such failure has caused or is likely to cause impairment of beneficial use of the area's ability to support aquatic life.” There are 43 AOCs around the Great Lakes: 26 in U.S. waters and 17 in Canadian waters, with five shared on connecting river systems. The Maumee AOC is in the TMACOG region and TMACOG houses the Maumee River Coordinator, Matt Horvat.

The AOC does not include the entire Maumee watershed. It does include the lower reach and tributaries of the Maumee, as well as some of the neighboring watersheds. Recently, the Ohio EPA, Partners for Clean Streams, and the Maumee RAP requested that the boundaries of the Maumee AOC be adjusted. Mr. Horvat works with these regional partners to implement remediation plans in the watershed. The new border extends to the south to include the headwaters of the Toussaint River near Bowling Green, and to the west to align with the headwaters of the Swan Creek and Ottawa River watersheds. The old western line was at the county border; the new line more clearly identifies the watershed area.

For more information about the Maumee AOC click here.

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