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November 2010
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Student Watershed Watch – Student Summit

The 21st annual Student Watershed Watch - Student Summit will be held Tuesday, November 16, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at Nitschke Hall at the University of Toledo. Up to 300 students are expected to participate.

Eighteen schools took part in the entire Student Watershed Watch this year. Their work included water quality testing in October followed by classroom analysis in the following weeks. At the summit, classrooms post table top displays and present their findings to the assembled students. Creative and entertaining presentations in past years have included soap operas, fake news shows, and puppets. But the science behind the fun is real. The students perform field testing for water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, phosphates and other nutrients. They also collect and identify macroinvertebrates, categorizing them by pollution tolerance. Presentations will be posted at after November 16.

Corporate sponsorship is essential to the growth and success of the Student Watershed Watch. Thank you to our major 2010 sponsors: the City of Toledo, First Solar, Perstorp, BP, and Sunoco.

TECHS (Toledo Early College High School)

TECHS (Toledo Early College High School)

Sylvania Northview

TECHS (Toledo Early College High School)

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