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2012-2015 TIP is in Development

TMACOG’s short range transportation plan is the Transportation Improvement Program (the TIP). It is a 4-year schedule of roadway, bikeway, and other surface transportation projects that have been approved for funding and are under development. Every other year, the entire TIP is reviewed to track ongoing projects and add new ones. Preparation of the fiscal year 2012-2015 TIP is now underway. New project applications from area jurisdictions were received by TMACOG in late September. Applications for transportation enhancement projects are being accepted now.

The TIP annually allocates approximately $12 million, the TMACOG region’s share of federal transportation improvement funding. Roadway projects that are eligible for the TIP must be on Federal Aid Routes and are funded through the Surface Transportation Program (STP), the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program, or the Transportation Enhancement (TE) program. The applications received are reviewed, scored, and ranked for potential inclusion within the TIP by TMACOG’s TIP Committee, the Transportation Council, and the TMACOG Executive Committee. View the current fiscal year schedule and funding allocations for the active TIP and the future pipeline here. For more information on the TIP or the TIP Committee contact Kent Gardam at 419.241.9155 ext. 116.

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