October 2010
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Federal Stimulus Funds Fully Allocated

When federal stimulus funds in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) were allocated to the TMACOG region over the last fiscal year, all planning which had been based on earlier financial outlooks had to be re-visited. Projects in the pipeline for future years could be moved up if all the necessary steps could be completed in the short window that funds were available. TMACOG and its partners worked hard to expedite selection of new projects and coordinate all scheduling, permitting, and documentation to assure that the entire $11.7 million allocated to TMACOG was fully utilized. Because of excellent cooperation from the transportation partners in the region, all funds have been used and the region is seeing major improvements to the transportation system.

A map and chart on the TMACOG website show summer and fall projects and list which are made possible this year through ARRA funds.

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