October 2010
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2010 Gas Cap Testing and Replacement Program
More than 11 percent of cars and trucks driving around in northwest Ohio are leaking gas into the atmosphere through leaky - or missing - gas caps. TMACOG and the City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services teamed up in the summer of 2010 for the tenth consecutive year of gas cap testing in northwest Ohio. At 24 locations in Lucas and Wood counties, and one location in Lambertville, MI, staff tested 375 gas caps. A total of 43 faulty or missing gas caps were replaced. As in previous years, older cars and trucks were much more likely to have leaking caps than newer models. The replacements translate to approximately 8,557 pounds of emissions that did not enter our air this year. Drivers will save about 86 tanks of gas in a year simply by replacing a gas cap.

The overall goal of emissions testing is to improve the air quality – first by the basic step of replacing leaking gas caps, and second by educating the public about sources of air pollution and steps everyone can take to reduce pollutants. The gas cap testing crew shared information about the negative health impacts of ozone on people and animals and provided information on reducing ozone through use of public transit, carpooling, and proper vehicle maintenance. Ozone is a significant health hazard especially to people with asthma or other lung problems, and to children who inhale more air per pound than adults.

Sponsors for the 2010 Gas Cap Testing and Replacement program include Kroger, Shell, and Sunoco, which allowed testing at their locations. Teams also worked at the Frogtown Fair in Toledo and the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Golf Classic. To see the complete report, click here.

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