October 2010
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Village of Woodville

The Village of Woodville is located on the Portage River in Sandusky County. It is home to approximately 2,000 people. Like most communities in northwest Ohio, Woodville grew up around railroad tracks and the first roads paved through the Great Black Swamp. That main street - once called Old Mud Pike - is now U.S. 20. An estimated 12,000 vehicles per day travel through Woodville, with 30 percent being truck traffic. Woodville is also the point at which U.S. 20 crosses the Portage River.

Residents of the village find work in the limestone industry in the area. Two quarries located in Woodville Township each rank in the top ten in size in the United States among lime quarries. The Village of Woodville and the surrounding Woodville Township are part of the Woodmore Local School District.

Woodville Mayor Rich Harman appreciates the resources he finds at TMACOG. He said, “From big city to small village, TMACOG offers its members an opportunity, on a local level, to remain current on many issues affecting us today. TMACOG provides numerous workshops and lectures throughout the year which allow members to share ideas and discuss concerns relating to current and future topics.”

One of the topics concerning Woodville is sewer systems. There is a major project underway in the village to separate sanitary and stormwater systems. The separation is mandated by the U.S. EPA to prevent sewage discharges to the Portage River which can happen during storms when the existing sewer lines and treatment facility become overwhelmed with water. See “ Support Urged for Water Infrastructure Financing Act” in the Environment section of this newsletter.

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