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A Word about TMACOG Staff

Anthony L. Reams,
TMACOG President

Like our members, TMACOG has been affected by the continuing poor economic climate. We’ve had some recent staff reductions due to changes in program funding that I want to explain.

The Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services recently decided to end the Car Buy program that was administered by TMACOG. Executive Director of LCDJFS Deb Ortiz-Flores explained:

“As a result of state budget cuts, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds were decreased by 27.8%. For this reason, LCDJFS was no longer able to continue funding the TMACOG Car Buy program. It has been a positive partnership over the past 10 years with LCDJFS contributing $2.6 million and over 600 families receiving a car. LCDJFS greatly appreciates the efforts of the TMACOG Car Buy staff and their service to the community.”

With the end of the program, TMACOG had to eliminate the position held by Russ Stasiak, Car Buy Program Manager. TMACOG staff will continue to meet contractual obligations for the existing, active clients until all details are wound up.

In the TMACOG Environmental Planning department, a two-year grant for work relating to the Portage River watershed has concluded. Such grants fund the salary of TMACOG environmental planners, and we were not able to secure new grants that would have allowed us to retain Elaine Moebius. Other TMACOG projects, including stormwater planning, are still effective in the Portage River watershed area, and we’re hopeful that we can identify additional funding in the future.

Marketing Manager Greg Gettum has chosen to leave TMACOG for other opportunities. His work in the Communications Department will be consolidated by the three-person staff there, and his other duties in marketing and member development will be re-distributed. Greg’s institutional memory and rapport with members will be greatly missed but I’m confident that TMACOG will continue to provide excellent service to members.

I’d like to personally extend my profound thanks for the long-time service of these three professionals. All TMACOG members have benefited from their passion and integrity in their years with TMACOG. Change can be difficult but it is important that we all be adaptable in tough times. The TMACOG staff continues to be responsive to your needs and a professional, reliable resource to members.

TMACOG Vision:

TMACOG will be the governmental partner of choice to coordinate regional assets, opportunities, and challenges.

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