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Grant Awarded for Swan Creek Inventory

TMACOG has been informed that an application to the Lake Erie Protection Fund to inventory and assess stormwater management practices in the Swan Creek watershed was successful. TMACOG staff will partner with the Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), Lucas County Engineer’s office, and Ohio EPA. They began work in July, 2011 on the 12-month grant.

The plan is to create an inventory of stormwater ponds and other stormwater control structures, describe the type and condition of facilities, and key these to a GIS system. When complete, the inventory will streamline work for any agency or jurisdiction in the watershed that is working to improve stormwater management.

The group will be looking for stormwater ponds, ditches, and other structures that are lacking water quality controls. These sites will be assessed based on existing land use, amount of impervious surface drained, and other criteria to be determined by the project partners. Recommended retrofits to correct deficits may include gravel wetlands to replace poor functioning dry detention ponds, outlet modifications to slow pond discharge, and wetland benches to hold and treat stormwater.

Groups that will use this information include the 22 jurisdictions that are part of the Swan Creek Balanced Growth Watershed Plan, members of the TMACOG Stormwater Coalition, and communities that are part of the new Lucas County Stormwater Utility.

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