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Traffic Counting Season

It’s summer traffic counting season and TMACOG is collecting lots of data. TMACOG has hired two interns – Benjamin Holm from the University of Toledo and Stephen Auchmuty from Bowling Green State University – who are assisting with traffic counting and GIS work during the summer months.

Locations for traffic counting are determined by state and federal requirements and by the needs of local jurisdictions. In addition, TMACOG staff members collect traffic counts by request for TMACOG member jurisdictions. Counts in 2011 have been completed for the Village of Ottawa Hills near the elementary school, and in the City of Northwood at the intersection of Oregon Rd. and Wales Rd.

On the state level, TMACOG and the other jurisdictions that report traffic count data (Lucas County, Wood County, and the cities of Toledo and Oregon), are working to complete ODOT-required screenline counts in northwest Ohio. Screenlines are lines drawn on a map of the highway network to measure traffic volume at fixed points, usually at a boundary between jurisdictions or at a bridge. This screenline count has been a three-year project. Traffic counts along screenlines are used to validate the travel demand computer model. In turn, the travel demand model is used to determine how to allocate funds for maintenance and new improvements.

For national transportation planning, the TMACOG team is collecting another set of data due by 2014. That collection is for the Highway Performance Monitoring System. The HPMS includes information on the extent, condition, performance, use, and operating characteristics of the nation's highways. The main goal for HPMS is to obtain a count on every non-state system collector and arterial route between every pair of major intersections. Data for the HPMS is collected on a six-year cycle.

TMACOG staff and other agencies upload data to a comprehensive database and mapping system. The link to the current traffic count database is here. Use of this database is free and available to anyone who accesses it.

TMACOG interns Ben Holm and Stephen Auchmuty set up hoses and a data collector on St. Clair Street in Toledo.

Interns Ben and Stephen set up a data collector while Lisa Householder, TMACOG transportation planner and data base analyst, watches traffic
and notes location and road condition.

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