June/July 2011
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Ozone Action Season

Ozone is a by-product of engine combustion, fuels burned for backyard grills, and industrial emissions among other sources. On hot days with little wind, ozone becomes a health problem, affecting the lungs of people and damaging plants as well. During Ozone Action Season, June through September, TMACOG is working with the City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services to tell people what they can do to protect themselves and to reduce the amount of ozone produced in our area.

TMACOG posts the City of Toledo reports on air quality at http://www.ozoneaction.org. Reports are updated twice a week. The announcements will cite four levels of air quality from best to worst: Good, Satisfactory, Precautions Should be Taken by Sensitive Groups, and Caution. You can also view a map of the United States to check current ground level ozone conditions.

Everyone is affected by ozone. Especially sensitive groups include anyone with asthma or emphysema and young children (who breathe much more air per pound than adults). But people working or exercising outdoors should also be aware of ozone levels and try to adjust their activity and exposure.

Individual actions can reduce ozone production. As automobile use is the largest contributor to ozone, people can reduce ozone by driving less or taking the bus. Other household actions include avoiding use of lawn mowers and gasoline-powered generators, and reducing household energy use in general by turning off appliances. Use the sun to dry clothes, raise the thermostat to use less air conditioning.

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