June/July 2011
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Gas Cap Testing and Replacement Program

Gasoline evaporates very readily. In a closed container like a can or a gas tank, it will only evaporate to fill the space available. But gasoline in an open container will quickly begin to convert from a liquid to a gas and become part of the greater atmosphere. Not only is this an expensive waste of gas, but it’s unhealthy. Gasoline contains volatile organic compounds that react with sunlight to form ground-level ozone.

To reduce the amount of gasoline escaping into the atmosphere, TMACOG and the City of Toledo operate a summer program to test and replace gas caps. At gas stations in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, teams will be offering vacuum tests on gas caps and offering free, on-the-spot replacements for leaky caps. To see the dates and location of gas cap testing events, click here. TMACOG will also advertise the dates in regional print publications and operate live radio remotes during testing events.

In previous years, TMACOG records have shown that the vehicles most likely to have leaking caps were older cars but even newer cars can have problems.


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