May/June 2011
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2035 Plan – Update 2011

The official review and update of TMACOG’s long range transportation plan is moving ahead. In March, the Transportation Council approved a list of Committed and Priority projects for which financing is expected. In April, a list of 12 Plan Initiatives, and 41 Plan Policies were approved by the council.

The initiatives are those non-construction related activities. For example, partners in the 2035 Plan have identified a need for a Safe Routes to School plan that would address pedestrian and bike routes, funding, and infrastructure including more sidewalks and curb cuts. Another initiative involves support for a strategy and business plan for the Lake Erie West Global Logistics Hub, encouraging public/private investment in infrastructure, and supporting improvements to connectivity between sites and modes.

Policies are statements that provide a unified direction to overall decision-making. They are part of the long range plan in order to guide incremental transportation activities in the region. One priority is to reduce future congestion. The long range plan states the following policy: To reduce congestion, our region supports appropriate use of signage (for example, trucks in right lanes), uniform speed limits among all vehicles, and increased freight railroad usage.

Key steps in the update process are reviews for air quality conformity, fiscal restraint, and public involvement. The air quality report is completed and the other two steps are in progress. The next meeting of the Transportation Council is June 1. At that meeting and the TMACOG Executive Meeting June 8, the plan will be submitted for approval.

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