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Happy GIS Day!

On Wednesday, November 16, map makers, engineers, and database analysts in northwest Ohio will be celebrating innovations in Geographic Information Systems at an event on the first floor of One Lake Erie Center (600 Jefferson Ave., Toledo). TMACOG will be part of the event.

GIS combines data with mapping to create new visual ways of looking for patterns in information. In TMACOG’s Environmental Planning department, GIS has been used to research links between sites where E. coli has been found in waterways and where sewage treatment facilities are located. In the Transportation department, GIS is used to maintain the traffic count database which shows type and volume of traffic on area roads. TMACOG also uses GIS to analyze data such as locations of traffic crashes as well as the condition of bridges and pavement. TMACOG maintains a wide array of GIS data including bikeway facilities, street centerlines, and aerial photography. This information is used to help plan for signage, widening, and other road modifications. There are hundreds of other examples of the value of a GIS system, from mapping a disease outbreak, to predicting flooding, to military planning. See lots of examples at www.esri.com.

The City of Toledo GIS Day events include a poster competition for high school and college students, presentations from local organizations and schools, a display of maps showcasing the current uses of GIS at the City of Toledo, and interactive learning experiences. For more information, contact Danielle Coats at the Division of Engineering Services at 419-936-2695.

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