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Member Highlight: Toledo Regional Chamber
of Commerce

The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce is a member organization like TMACOG, supported by member dues. The chamber was founded in 1894 when the City of Toledo was a boom town and home to a great variety of manufacturers. As the economy has changed, the chamber has continued to support and advocate for all businesses in the region. There are 2,800 current members of which 88 percent are small businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

TMACOG concerns frequently overlap with the mission of Toledo Regional Chamber and the groups have partnered on issues involving economic development and long range planning. Mark V’Soske, president of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, has worked with councils of government in Ohio and Michigan. He says of TMACOG, “This council of government I feel is different. TMACOG is a superior operation, coordinating and advocating for tools that we need.” He added, “TMAOG always shows a willingness to work outside of their constituencies, not just working with their members but coordinating with all the region’s partners.” Recently, TMACOG and the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce have been part of teams working on branding the Greater Toledo Area.

The chamber maintains a busy calendar of events from networking coffee meetings, to business start up seminars. To specifically attract and retain younger professionals in the region, the chamber created EPIC Toledo. EPIC, which stands for engaging people, inspiring change, holds frequent social and business meetings. In addition to EPIC, the chamber also houses the Toledo Area Small Business Association, Small Business Development Center, and Minority Business Assistance Center. The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce is a 5-Star Accredited Chamber through the U. S. Chamber. The Accreditation Program defines standards of excellence in chamber planning and performance.

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