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Salvage & Stewardship

TMACOG is working with the City of Toledo on a two-year project to reduce hazardous runoff in the Ottawa River watershed. The program addresses area salvage sites, auto recyclers, and junk yards. Several of the area salvage yards have signed up for a voluntary program to establish pollution prevention programs at their properties. Operators of the salvage yards volunteered to have their operations inspected for chemical storage practices, runoff controls, and other pollution prevention measures. Following inspection, the consultant will write a plan for each yard’s operation, describing how the operator can employ Best Management Practices to reduce runoff.

Participating businesses will be recognized with a Salvage & Stewardship designation. Participants must demonstrate a commitment to comply with environmental regulations and a willingness to implement pollution prevention practices that go beyond regulatory requirements to promote stormwater protection. The businesses must also agree to follow-up site visits by the City of Toledo so that pollution prevention steps can be evaluated. Some of the steps recommended by inspectors to date include oil separators in storm drains, creation of bioswales to capture and treat runoff, and procedures for collecting and storing fluids.

The project is funded by a grant from the U.S. EPA Pollution Prevention Program. The City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services is managing the program and TMACOG is creating GIS and mapping.

The owners and operators of R & M Recycling on Lagrange Street in Toledo constructed a long bioswale between their driveway and a tributary of the Ottawa River. The swale holds rain water after a storm. The plants selected for the swale take up some pollutants into their biomass; other contaminants are naturally treated as they drain through the soil.

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