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2011 Gas Cap Report

About ten percent of passenger vehicles in northwest Ohio are driving around with leaky – or missing – gas caps.

TMACOG and the City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services teamed up to continue the Gas Cap Testing and Replacement Program for the eleventh consecutive year in 2011. This program tests gas caps on passenger vehicles and provides free replacements for faulty or missing caps. Of the 709 gas caps tested during the summer season, 70 were replaced.

The program is also an outreach to educate the general public on the causes and impacts of ground level ozone. Ozone, or smog, is formed when volatile organic compounds (including those from evaporated gasoline) combine with nitrogen oxides (released from the burning of fossil fuels) and are heated by the sun. Smog is a health hazard to everyone and particularly bad for children who proportionally move more air through their lungs than adults, and for people with existing lung problems. Recent research shows that smog also affects plants, damaging agriculture and trees that produce beneficial oxygen.

Summer interns conducted testing at 29 locations in Toledo, Bowling Green, Holland, Maumee, Northwood, Oregon, Perrysburg, Rossford, Sylvania, Waterville, and Whitehouse, as well as in Lambertville, Michigan. Thank you to Kroger, Shell and Circle K gas stations which hosted the program this summer.

Replacing 70 leaking caps prevents approximately 13,930 pounds of evaporative emissions from entering the air. In total, motorists who had faulty gas caps will save approximately 140 tanks of gas per year simply through the use of a properly functioning gas cap.


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