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Safety Council of Northwest Ohio

The non-profit Safety Council of Northwest Ohio is a safety services agency dedicated to improving safety and health in the workplace and community. Dennis McMickens, president & CEO of the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio, serves on the TMACOG Board of Trustees and is a member of the Leadership Development Committee.

At workplaces, Safety Council of Northwest Ohio helps employers comply with safety and health regulations through training, workshops, consultations and safety management courses. A safety credential program is available. The Certified Occupational Safety Specialist is a one-week program that enables participants to earn the professional safety designation of COSS. The council also has regular training to certify operators of forklifts and other industrial machinery. Staff of the Safety Council will do a walk-through of a workplace to help management identify and address safety concerns before someone gets hurt and a regulator does an inspection.

The Safety Council of Northwest Ohio shares TMACOG’s mission to improve safety on roadways. The council offers defensive driving classes for juvenile drivers and adult drivers who need a remedial course. A 72-Hour Driver Intervention Program is also available for persons charged with an OVI (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence). The Safety Council works to keep children safe on the roads with a 3-day Safety Patrol Leadership Camp for 6th, 7th, & 8th graders who are crossing guards and bicycle safety classes for grade school students.

For 44 years the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio has hosted the Hero Awards banquet. This event recognizes regular citizens and professional emergency responders for lifesaving activities beyond the call of duty. Every year people in the area who have helped neighbors out of burning houses, saved people from drowning, or performed other extraordinary services are honored at the dinner and ceremony.

From President McMickens: “TMAGOG is a value added membership that has provided us with a vast array of knowledge about the region, available resources, professional seminars, workshops and a very knowledgeable professional staff that is always willing to be of assistance. The Safety Council is glad to be a member and I am pleased to serve on its Board of Trustees.”


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