August & September 2012
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See the Workshop Topics: Ohio Conference on Freight

Presentations at this year’s workshops will illuminate the role of Ohio and the Great Lakes region in a global economy. See the complete agenda and register for the 2012 Ohio Conference on Freight at www.ohiofreight.org.

Keynote speakers will look at economics, jobs, and infrastructure investments. Workshops, a tour, and roundtable discussions will address specific industry concerns.

Multimodal Analysis of Freight Transportation in the Great Lakes-
Saint Lawrence Basin

The Great Lakes basin accounts for a significant share of North American output. Gain a multimodal perspective on the overall economic impact of the Great Lakes freight transportation system on regional, U.S., and Canadian economies. Explore opportunities and constraints in the basin for meeting projected freight flows.

The Changing Dynamics in Rail Shipping
Explore the changing nature of rail relationships between the Ohio Valley and the coasts. Learn how recent investments in rail networks have changed cargo movements and gain insights on what the future holds.

Truck Freight Mobility: Are We There Yet?
Traffic congestion in urban areas and rural corridors makes travel times unpredictable. Researchers have been evaluating the cost of delay in the nation’s most seriously congested corridors. Learn how businesses can use the latest data to make route and mode choice decisions and how that data informs cities and states as they set infrastructure investment priorities.

Supply Chain Perspectives from 3PLs and Shippers
Explore the role of logistics service providers in moving goods. What goes into route and mode choices? What are the challenges facing the supply chain industry?

Ohio Shale Development: Infrastructure Planning and Transportation Implications
Separate the hype from the reality concerning the economic impact of shale development. Learn about the creation of a model Road Users Maintenance Agreement and how it is being implemented at the local level. Come away with a better understanding of shale's implications for local infrastructure providers and supply chain professionals.

The Talent Supply Chain: Where is the Next Generation of Transportation Professionals?
What is the magnitude of labor shortage in freight transport and logistics? How are educators and employers working together to develop programs to train transportation professionals for the future?

Discussion on Socio-Economic and Planning Issues of Shale Development
Shale development involves increased demand for labor and capital equipment. Participate in a discussion on the implications for local communities. Come away with ideas for solutions to the challenges that this opportunity creates.

Ohio River Ports: A Flowing Success Story
Ports on the Ohio River create additional opportunities to transport freight from Ohio to the world and also to import to the heartland. Hear the shippers' perspective and learn what systems are in place to support freight mobility on the Ohio River.

P3 + Ports x Free Trade Zone = Growth
Examine how to effectively recognize a P3 opportunity. Gain insights on the elements needed to create successful public-private partnerships from legal, government, and industry perspectives.

Freight Study Updates from In and Around Ohio
The latest freight studies identify trends and opportunities in the movement of goods. Hear recent findings and current research regarding infrastructure and logistics. One just completed freight asset will be examined in detail: the new U.S. 24 "Fort-to-Port" corridor (Fort Wayne, IN to the Port of Toledo, OH).

The Link Between Transportation Infrastructure and Jobs
The Ohio Department of Transportation is committed to a world-class infrastructure system to fulfill its mission of providing easy movement of people and goods. At this plenary session, gain insight into the logistical strengths of different regions and learn strategies to support economic growth and jobs. Your insights are requested at this roundtable session.

Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway – From Marine Highway to Economic Catalyst
A recent, bi-national analysis of marine transport concludes that cargo shipments on the Great Lakes-Seaway navigation system generate significant economic impact in North America. Hear the results of this study and learn what the future holds for ports on Lake Erie and elsewhere in the region.

Discussion on Security, Infrastructure, and Commerce at the U.S.-Canada Border
Share your thoughts on key challenges of freight mobility across the border. Gain an awareness of the realities at the border. Discuss the border's impact on supply chains, production, and infrastructure planning throughout the region and the nation.

Airports and Cargo: Lessons from Around the Region
The economics of air freight are changing. How is the cargo industry responding? What are the impacts on regional planning and economic development?

Freight Implications of MAP-21
A 27-month transportation reauthorization bill has been signed into law and it contains many new freight provisions. What does this new legislation mean to the freight and infrastructure community?

Prospects for Container Shipping on the Great Lakes
The Great Lakes region has an opportunity to take a larger role in worldwide container shipping. Get an international perspective on containers in the lakes.




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