August & September 2012
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Traffic Counting

Summertime is traffic counting time at TMACOG. This year’s summer interns, Lance Dasher and Bekka Apardian, are helping to collect important benchmark information for ODOT and for local communities.

In addition to installing and collecting up to 20 sets of counters a week, the summer interns are also doing important office work. Bekka said that she has improved her grasp of GIS as she defines locations on City of Toledo maps. Lance is working on a big project to verify the inventory of sidewalks by type and condition.

TMACOG reached a milestone this season when staff completed an inventory of screen line locations that they had been working on for three years. Screen lines are geographic points such as a bridge or a municipal boundary. Counts at these points are used for modeling and for data analysis.

With screen lines complete for now, the next priority is Highway Performance Monitoring (HPMS) counts. Those need to be completed by the end of 2014 and are now about 66% complete after three years of work. When possible, staff is also researching locations within the City of Toledo where counts have not been done for a few years and securing up-to-date information at those locations.

TMACOG interns Lance Dasher and Bekka Apardian watch out for traffic as they set up counting instruments on 14 th Street in Toledo. The two are both seniors at UT majoring in Geography and Planning.

Programming the traffic counters with GPS location and time.

This year ODOT provided traffic counting boxes of a new design. Traffic counting
staff programs the units and uses magnets to activate them and get readings.

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