February& March 2012
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Welcome from the TMACOG Chair

Carol Contrada, Lucas County Commisioner
and TMACOG Chair

I am honored to be the new Chair of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. Speaking for your new slate of officers, we will do our best to uphold the history of strong regional cooperation established by those dedicated leaders who have come before us. During this time of economic, political, and social change, the need for regional cooperation is greater than ever. TMACOG continues to serve as the premier regional catalyst for transportation and infrastructure coordination and environmentally responsible solutions to regional challenges.

TMACOG’s vision statement is even more relevant as we face today’s issues:
Our vision statement:
TMACOG will be the governmental partner of choice to coordinate regional assets, opportunities, and challenges.

We choose to embrace cooperation over partisanship; we choose to consider the entire region when we make local decisions. We choose to throw our lots in together for the betterment of each of us. This voluntary nature of our service to TMACOG says a lot about our members. Through TMACOG, we extend our work outside our own jurisdictions and our constituencies. If we are non-governmental members, we are reaching out to the public side of the economy, welcoming partnerships and sharing our expertise. We are all here because we believe in “The Big Picture” – a regional concept of working together, erasing imaginary political lines. We are committed to shaping the Big Picture as partners.

As I look forward to 2012 and 2013, I believe we must take our regional leadership to a new level. For example, transportation is a foundation of our regional economy, but we have recently been reminded by ODOT that we have serious funding problems, and critical regional infrastructure improvements are on hold. TMACOG’s long term transportation plans focus our decision-making. These plans keep our goals in front of us.

In environmental planning, we also face uncertainty. The Clean Air and Clean Water Act have directed a lot of our environmental activity. Now, at the state and federal level, there may be significant changes in regulations. Up to now, our region has an impressive record of working together to address issues of land use and water quality. Going forward, I hope that we remain united and that we approach our goals objectively, putting all points of view and all challenges on the table.

TMACOG is our forum for candid, thoughtful discussion. Together, we can find innovative solutions to the challenges facing our region.

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