July & August 2012
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Dams Breached at Toledo Botanical Garden

As part of a plan to restore natural water flow through the Toledo Botanical Garden, holes were created in two dams in the park and water was allowed to flow out.

The dams were constructed about 30 years ago as part of a design to create lakes at the site. When built, the lakes were 10 to 14 feet deep. Because of sediment being deposited behind the dams, the ponds are now much shallower, in some places only inches deep.

As the water drains through the breaches, the sediment will be left behind to dry out. One lake will be rehabbed as a healthier, self-sustaining body of water and the other will be converted to a wetlands. Hill Ditch will flow through the wetlands as a restored, free-flowing stream. When construction is complete, volunteers and garden staff will install native plants and other features.

Matt Horvat, TMACOG’s Maumee River Coordinator, is the contract coordinator for the project. The Toledo Botanical Gardens project is funded by a 319 grant from the Ohio EPA. The design and engineering firm is Davey Resource Group.

Contractors cut away some of a dam to allow water to drain away without flooding.

The lake is de-watered and a more natural flow is being reestablished in Hill Ditch.

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