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Portage Watershed Plan Expanded

When the first edition of the Portage River Watershed Plan was prepared in 2012 by TMACOG and endorsed by the Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Natural Resources, it covered the area of nine subwatersheds defined by their hydrologic unit codes (HUCs). Work is underway now at TMACOG to expand the Watershed Plan with an additional nine HUCs.

Hydrologic unit codes define subwatershed boundaries. (Click here to read about how HUCs are designated and what the numbers mean.) Each HUC is described with details of soil composition, hydrology, topography, and river characteristics including depth, width, and water flow. Maps and tables in the watershed plan show boundaries, land use, erosion potential, and other features. Following these minute, detailed descriptions, the plan outlines goals to address problems within the region and offers specific projects and strategies to reduce phosphorus loading and fecal bacterial contamination within the watershed. An endorsed watershed plan is a valuable tool for groups working to protect public health and improve water quality. Watershed plans are recognized by state and federal regulators as primary planning documents and projects based on such plans receive preferential funding.

The revised Portage Watershed Plan will be presented to the Portage River Basin Council at the regular meeting April 4 at 2 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Wood County Courthouse. Next, the plan will be reviewed by the TMACOG Environmental Council before being presented to the Ohio EPA for endorsement. The draft plan is posted on the Portage River Basin Council pages of tmacog.org here.

For questions or comments on the Portage Watershed Plan, contact Kurt Erichsen at 419.241.9155 ext. 126.

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