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Water Feature Improved at Toledo Botanical Garden

A recent makeover restored a little natural look to a well-manicured public garden space.

A rehab and remediation project at Toledo Botanical Garden removed two low head dams, restored a stream to a more natural state, and improved the lake. The public was invited to appreciate the transformation at a grand opening May 9.

Design began in February of 2012 to address problems with Hill Ditch, a tributary of the Ottawa River, which runs through the gardens. More than 30 years ago, the stream was dammed to make two ponds. Over time the ponds had become choked with sediment to the point where some areas were only inches deep. Now one pond is restored, one is converted to wetland, and the stream has been naturalized. The rehabilitation will give the botanical garden a new space to showcase native, water-loving plants, and also create access to the water for visitors. Initial planting of native species is complete and more work will be done by volunteer gardeners this summer.

The Toledo Botanical Garden project was funded by a 319 grant from the Ohio EPA. The design and engineering firm was Davey Resource Group, construction was by Ecological Restoration, Inc. Matt Horvat, TMACOG environmental planner and Maumee River coordinator, was the contact coordinator and on-site manager.

The rehabbed stream showing the start of planting on the stream bank. A riffle slows the flow of water.
The improved water features are a focal point
of the garden.
Karen Ranney Wolkins,
Executive Director,
Toledo Botanical Garden.

Shannon Nabors,
District Chief, Ohio EPA,
Northwest District Office.

Matt Horvat,
TMACOG Maumee River Coordinator and on-site manager for the Toledo Botanical Garden project.

Guests tossed seeds on the newly graded stream bank as part of the grand
opening activities.

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