August & September 2014
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Navigating Roundabouts

The roundabouts that have been built in northwest Ohio to date are at fairly low volume intersections where the roads are one lane in each direction and meet at 90-degree angles. The roundabouts under construction in the next couple years include some double lane intersections with much more traffic volume. The map below (click for larger version) shows the “thousand islands” complex of intersections near the old Jeep plant as it will be transformed over the next few years.

The intersections at Detroit and the Collingwood area will be the first to be built, starting in 2014. There are several other roundabouts under construction this year (not on map): Metamora/Mitchaw and Brint/King in the City of Sylvania, Centennial/Dorr in Springfield Township, and two roundabouts along Waterville-Monclova/Dutch in Waterville Township.

Learn how to navigate roundabouts on this interactive video. The fundamental principles for driving in a roundabout are: yield the right of way to vehicles that are already in the roundabout. Choose the lane you enter based on the exit you plan to use. Drive slowly. Roundabouts reduce the severity of car crashes because there is less opportunity for head on or direct side impacts. They keep traffic moving which reduces congestion and air pollution. They also save money because without lights and signals they require less maintenance.

Aerial map courtesy City of Toledo

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