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Resolution on Functional Classification Network

At the November 19 meeting of the Executive Committee, TMACOG leadership voted to approve an update to the Functional Classification Network in Lucas and Wood counties in Ohio. The process is just getting underway in the Michigan portion of the TMACOG region. TMACOG is working with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) to complete that update by April. The entire network is updated once a decade following the Census report and urban boundary update.

The Functional Classification Network groups streets and highways into classes or systems depending on how much traffic the road carries and how the road fits into the larger system (see the graphic below). There are three basic classes that planners break into seven categories: 1) Interstate, 2) Other Freeway, 3) Principal Arterial, 4) Minor Arterial, 5) Collector, 6) Minor Collector, and 7) Local. The designation is important because it determines how roadways are federally funded through Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) like TMACOG and SEMCOG. Roads eligible for federal funding are designated in categories 1-6 in the urban area and categories 1-5 in the rural area.

Classification is a three-step process. First, ODOT proposes adjustments to the existing network. Next the MPO applies local knowledge and works with area jurisdictions and stakeholders to modify the plan. Finally, ODOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) review and approve the plan. The work at TMACOG is done by the System Performance and Monitoring Committee in partnership with local stakeholders. See the updated network map here.


  • higher mobility
  • low degree of access


  • balance between mobility and access


  • lower mobility
  • high degree of access

Relationship of functionally classified highway systems in serving traffic mobility and land access. Source: Safety Effectiveness of Highway Design Features, Volume I, Access Control, FHWA, 1992

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