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Portage River Basin Council

The City of Bowling Green partnered with Bowling Green City Schools this fall to expand the study of water quality for seventh grade students. After classroom lessons on water treatment and the methods for testing water quality, 240 students were bused to the Portage River at William Henry Harrison Park in Pemberville. Teachers and naturalists set up several learning stations for the students. At one station students measured chemical and physical features of water samples taken from the river. The parameters measured included pH, phosphates and nitrates, amount of ammonia, and dissolved oxygen. At another station, students learned to use a seine to collect macroinvertebrates and then used charts to identify their samples. The Ohio EPA was on hand to demonstrate electrofishing, a technique that safely and temporarily stuns fish to allow scientists to count and examine them.

At the November meeting of the Portage River Basin Council, several students from Bowling Green Middle School were in attendance with teachers Kristi Krupp and Paula Williams. Working as a team, the students presented their water quality reports to the members of the council.

Members of the Portage River Basin Council also elected 2014 leadership at the meeting: chair: Gordon Bowman, mayor of the Village of Pemberville; and vice chair: Jim Sass, president of the Ottawa County Commissioners.


Seventh graders from Bowling Green Middle School prepare to present their water quality reports on the Portage River.

The seine collects macroinvertebrates normally living in the streambed. The types of species correlate to the quality of the water habitat.



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