September & October 2014
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TMACOG Members form Ad Hoc Committee

The TMACOG Environmental Planning department has begun a review of the department and has asked that interested TMACOG members join in a process to make recommendations. “It’s been a while since we looked at the things that we do and the things that we don’t do,” said Environmental Council Chair Ken Fallows. He said that concerns of members change over time and that environmental needs are growing. “Climate change is real,” said Fallows. “Causes of change are arguable but we need to plan to deal with the consequences.” Referring to algae problems in Lake Erie, he said that, “the problem of nutrients feeding algae growth is hard to treat – in some ways harder than the industrial pollution we faced in the ‘70s and ‘80s. But we know it’s a regional issue and not one that individual communities can manage alone.”

The first meeting of the TMACOG Water Quality Program Ad Hoc Committee is Tuesday, September 9, at 2 pm. It will be held at the TMACOG Boardroom. See the agenda. Members interested in participating in the committee are invited to contact Kurt Erichsen at 419.241.9155 ext. 126, or department secretary Joy Minarcin at 419.241.9155 ext. 128.

The new ad hoc committee will be chaired by Ken Fallows. The vice chair of the committee is Jon Eckel, director of public service for the City of Perrysburg. Eckel said that the recent water emergency in Toledo shows the need for robust environmental protection in our region. He said, “My main concern is that we stop finger pointing at waste water treatment plants, failed septic systems, animal feeding operations, and farmers, and just start passing legislation that solves problems.” He would like to see a wide range of people on the committee. “The environmental organizations are always present but let’s not have another round of preaching to the choir. Let’s get people here that can have influence; county engineers, city managers, farmers, and farm extension agents.”

Vice President of Environmental Planning Kurt Erichsen said, “We are looking for input from TMACOG members on the goals, activities, and funding for the program. Sustainable funding needs to be on the table. ”

“Lake Erie drives our economy for both tourism and industry and Lake Erie is being impacted by various forms of land and water based activities.”
- Jon Eckel
Director of Public Service, City of Perrysburg
Vice Chair TMACOG Water Quality Program Ad Hoc Committee


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