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TMACOG General Assembly - Report

At the 2015 General Assembly held January 21, TMACOG members voted to retain the current leadership for a second 12-month term. James Sass, Ottawa County commissioner, remains TMACOG chair and Angela Kuhn, mayor of the village of Whitehouse, will remain vice chair.

TMACOG members met in caucus sessions at the General Assembly based on their organizational structure: cities, counties, villages, townships, school districts and colleges & universities, special districts & authorities, and non-governmental members. To see and contribute to the caucus discussions, go to the new TMACOG blog: http://tmacogblog.blogspot.com/. The blog is a way to continue your caucus discussion or learn about what other caucuses are talking about.

Workforce Development
The panel of educators described how community colleges work with government and industry to help students be prepared for the workforce. In recent years as industry has felt the shortage of skilled trades, government has responded by funding programs to upgrade training. School administrators noted that they have a challenge persuading young people and their parents that carpentry, welding, electrical work and other trades can be as rewarding as jobs held by people with four-year academic degrees. Panelists noted that short certificate programs can help a person land a good-paying job quickly and that employers often fund further training. The panel included Beth Hannam, Manager of Business and Industry Training at Terra State Community College; Barry Kinsey, Director of Workforce Development at Monroe County Community College; and Ann Theis, Dean of Business, Information, and Public Services at Owens Community College. Dr. Geoffrey Grubb, Provost of Lourdes University, also contributed to the conversation.

The keynote presentation was a lively discussion of learning entrepreneurship. It was presented by Gene Poor, Ph.D., and Kirk Kern both of Bowling Green State University. Dr. Poor is a serial entrepreneur and University professor. He is the Hamilton Endowed Professor of Entrepreneurship. Mr. Kern is the director of the Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Thank you to partners Poggemeyer Design Group and Monroe Bank & Trust for their sponsorship of the General Assembly

James Sass and Angela Kuhn are sworn in by Ohio District 6 Court of Appeals

Judge Mark Pietrykowski.


Vice Chair Angela Kuhn, President Tony Reams, Chair James Sass, and
TMACOG Executive Secretary Jennifer Allen at the 2015 General Assembly.



Discussion at the Village Caucus

A conversation among business, government, and education at the 2015
General Assembly.


Dr. Goeffrey Grubb, Provost, Lourdes University, spoke about
the role of a 4-year university in developing well-rounded and
resourceful employees.

Beth Hannam of Terra State Community College and Barry Kinsey of Monroe County Community College described how they work with employers to provide training that is needed urgently.


Dr. Gene Poor described the formation of the entrepreneurial program at Bowling Green State University.


Kirk Kern described his very popular business development program, The Hatch.

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