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Transportation Legislation

TMACOG members, local governments, and area transportation stakeholders are united in their appeal for more dependable federal funding for local transportation needs.

There has been a groundswell of local government concern because progress toward a long-term bill has been slow and the current bill, MAP-21 is scheduled to expire May 31. Repeated short term extensions make it impossible to plan for consistent maintenance and improvement to the system. The transportation system continues to have unsustainable funding because it is based largely on a gasoline tax fixed at $.184/gallon in 1993. As fleet mileage has improved, purchasing power of the gas tax has fallen 40 percent.

The National Association of Regional Councils, of which TMACOG is a member, petitioned the federal government for a better bill and a greater share of available funds to local governments and their regional agencies. They note that local governments are responsible for the vast majority of the nation’s transportation system and argue that federal funding should reflect needs on the ground.

Together, local governments own 78 percent of the nation’s road miles, 43 percent of the nation’s federal-aid highway miles, 50 percent of the nation’s bridge inventory, and they operate a majority of the nation’s transit systems.

TMACOG participated in a local rally for transportation on April 9 under the banner Stand Up 4 Transportation. At the Toledo event speakers represented TMACOG, the City of Toledo, Lucas County, the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, and TARTA.

At a Stand Up 4 Transportation rally, Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson (center) speaks with Keith Earley, Lucas County Engineer; and Tom Kovacik, executive director, Transportation Advocacy Group of Northwest Ohio (TAGNO).
Paul Toth, president and CEO, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority at the podium with Tony Reams, TMACOG president; and Carol Contrada, Lucas County commissioner.

Jim Gee, general manager of TARTA; Tony Reams, president of TMACOG; and Paul Toth, president and CEO, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.

Stakeholders in the transportation system were on hand to ask for a long term, fully funded federal transportation bill that addresses local plans.

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