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Traffic Interns Collect Data, Stay Busy

TMACOG’s 2015 summer interns, Ryan Kelly and Greg Myers, are keeping busy. During most weekday mornings they are out installing traffic meters or collecting them. In the afternoon, they are uploading data to the traffic count database system. They also worked together this summer to update data related to sidewalks in the region.

Ryan, a Bowling Green State University student working on his bachelor’s in geography, says that working at TMACOG has been valuable. “Working in a professional setting is more rewarding than doing school projects,” he said. Greg, also at BGSU as a graduate student in geology, agreed. “The work we’re doing – real world applications of GIS – is actually useful.” Traffic count data is used by transportation planners who are deciding about traffic signals, developers deciding where to build a retail strip, and also by school systems, advertisers, and many other interests.

When they are not at TMACOG, both have other work. Ryan is holding a second job in maintenance at a local mall. Greg is preparing to teach the lab sections of freshman geology at Bowling Green State University. He’s also the father of a 3-year-old daughter.

Greg will be working on his master’s thesis in groundwater modeling in the coming school year. He hopes to find work with an environmental consulting firm. He has been following news about Lake Erie water quality issues and plans to contribute to the research addressing those issues. Ryan is completing his bachelor’s in geography with a minor in paleontology. He’s considering graduate school in a GIS-related field.

Ryan Kelly programs the data collector to record
the number of vehicles, the type of vehicles
(cars or trucks), and their speed.


Greg Myers and Ryan Kelly prepare to nail hoses
to the street and secure the data collector.
They will return in 48 hours to collect the tools and
upload the information.

Ryan Kelly and Greg Myers.

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