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June & July 2016

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Tools for Reducing Phosphorus in the
Portage and Toussaint Watersheds

The U.S. EPA recently announced a series of grants from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that will address both invasive species and excess nutrients in the lakes. TMACOG has been awarded nearly $500,000 to help farmers in Wood and Ottawa counties reduce the amount of nutrients that migrate from their fields to nearby more


July is Enrollment Date for Year-round Fire/EMT Training Program

The Fire Consortium at the Owens Community College Center for Emergency Preparedness is a 12-month program which starts in July each year. Governments can sign up for ongoing training for their fire fighters and emergency responders for $500 per year for training up to four people per month for 12 months. Examples of monthly programs offered are rescue from confined spaces or from sunken automobiles, basic rope techniques for lowering people from heights, managing fire hoses, and preserving arson scenes.

Perrysburg Fire Chief Jeff Klein has sent his full time fire fighters and his volunteers for training since 2014. “We’re very happy with the expert instructors and the training tools,” he said. “It is a premier training facility. Clearly no [government] could build it on its own.” In addition to the training, the chief notes another benefit is meeting people from other departments. “When I started in this work, you only knew your own territory. By training together, we meet other departments and that builds regionalism.”

The Center is available for training exercises outside of the Fire Consortium program. Any government in any county may use it. Agencies can rent the facility and use their own instructor. If they are a consortium member they can use it at no cost. If they are going to do live fire training they are required to pay for an Owens fire safety officer to be present. Governments or fire departments interested in signing up for the consortium or to learn more about the facility should contact Mark Briggs at 567.661.2081 or


Construction Maps

This extremely busy year should be the peak of highway construction projects in the TMACOG region. According to ODOT, by the end of 2016 the pace should start slowing down. Until then, renovation and repair of our region’s major roadways is complex with overlapping projects. To keep track of what is underway and what plans are for the near future, TMACOG has posted two maps.

This is a link to the 2016 highway projects. And here is the link to projects planned for 2017 and beyond. See the details about cost and sponsorship here.

Bike Month

May is Bike Month and people in the region had many opportunities to explore bike infrastructure and get practice using bicycles to commute to work and more

Train Day Toledo

A record crowd of train advocates visited the Toledo Amtrak station and the Grand Lobby of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza on May 7 for Train Day – a celebration of trains and train more


Ohio Conference on Freight – Early Registration Rate

The 2016 Ohio Conference on Freight is in August this year, a month earlier than previous years. The early bird registration rate
of $250 remains in effect until July more


Regional Water Planning Committee

The Regional Water Policy Committee had its inaugural meeting May 19 in the TMACOG Boardroom. This committee, which is one of five under the Water Quality Council, will address the political barriers to developing a regional water system. Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough is the committee chair. He opened the meeting by stating that the Regional Water Planning Committee is unique in that it’s made up of elected officials who can do the heavy political lifting of creating a regional water system. He said that the need for the committee was urgent, not just because the region’s image had been bruised by the August 2014 water crisis, but because water is our best regional asset and we need to ensure safe, robust service.

The first meeting included elected officials from Lucas and Wood counties, the villages of Delta, Pemberville, and Whitehouse, and the cities of Bowling Green, Maumee, Oregon, Perrysburg, Toledo, Sylvania, and Waterville. Representatives of the Northwestern Water and Sewer District and Poggemeyer Design Group, who are working on water studies, were also in attendance.

The group considered and approved this mission statement for the committee:
“Provide a forum for elected officials to examine regional water systems, including issues of connectivity, distribution, cost, redundancy, storage, and sustainability, with the aim of ensuring that our fresh water supply remains an asset attracting regional investment.”

Several regional water studies are nearing completion. The committee agreed to form an ad hoc group to analyze these studies and report back. One of the studies is funded by the city of Toledo, Lucas County, and TMACOG, through a Local Government Innovation Fund grant from the state of Ohio. That study compares level of service, cost of service, and financial feasibility for three options: 1) water service and supply to the City of Toledo only, 2) public supply for just the communities that contract water service from Toledo but excluding Toledo, and 3) a water service and supply system including Toledo and all the contracting communities at one equitable rate for all.


Clean Ohio Funds at Work in Lucas County

Pearson Metropark in Oregon has doubled in size over the last 15 years and now connects walkers, cyclists, and birdwatchers to other regional paths. The Clean Ohio Fund was a critical source of financing that has made this development more



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