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Teachers Train to Measure Water Quality

Hundreds of teachers in northwest Ohio include water quality education in their classrooms. At two July workshops, TMACOG joined with regional partners to train teachers on techniques and share lesson plans to more effectively impact students.

At the July 12 session at Farnsworth Metropark, teachers learned water chemistry and how to measure it. TMACOG provided chemical test kits to measure pH, nutrients, and dissolved oxygen levels. Attendees also heard about Heidelberg University’s long-running water quality sampling program and their data set, and practiced in-stream macroinvertebrate collection and evaluation.

Many teachers taking summer training are preparing for the TMACOG Student Watershed Watch, a two-part program that brings hundreds of students into area waterways to take measurements and evaluate water quality. In 2016, the program will incorporate GIS so that teachers can log results to a map location. New innovations in the Student Watershed Watch will encourage greater community sharing and collaboration.

Partners in the July 12 training session included Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Metroparks of the Toledo Area, and TMACOG.

A July 19 training session was sponsored by Earth Force, GM, and TMACOG. It was held at the United Way building in downtown Toledo.

Nicole Sarver from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources
helps teacher Lara Fish, a 7th grade science teacher from
Northwood, learn how to distinguish damsel fly larva from
caddis fly larva.

Teachers evaluate water clarity by using a turbidity tube. As water
is slowly released from the column, a target at the bottom of the
tube becomes visible to the person looking down into the column.


TMACOG’s Kari Gerwin manages the Student Watershed Watch
which involves dozens of classrooms in water quality sampling
and measurement.

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