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A Message From the President of TMACOG

Tim W. Brown

As the new president of TMACOG I want to take a minute to thank Tony Reams for his leadership and years of service. Additionally, I want to thank Tony and the dedicated staff at TMACOG for helping me to transition into my new role. TMACOG remains a solid partner for advancing regional cooperation and I am honored to have this opportunity to continue that work. In concert with our staff and our regional stakeholders, TMACOG will continue to promote and advance our strong regional assets to the benefit of our citizens, businesses, and local governmental jurisdictions. We have much to be proud of in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan – and I look forward to working with our regional leaders to continue our advancement.

Throughout the transition, I have been asked by many citizens about TMACOG’s mission and my new job. As I learn more about the various functions of TMACOG and the work we do, I thought now might be a good time to offer a summation. I call it TMACOG 101 – a refresher to most about what TMACOG does, and an introduction to others.

Who We Are:
TMACOG is a non-partisan regional planning partnership made up of voluntary members in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Together, our members work on transportation, water quality, and support regional economic development endeavors that affect quality of life for everyone in our region.

What We Do:
TMACOG’s role in transportation is to help plan roadways, rail, bike and pedestrian accommodations, and transit that will move goods and people safely and efficiently throughout the region. The staff at TMACOG compile information that local elected officials need to set priorities and make plans. Ultimately those plans are used to secure federal and state funding for area projects. Specific multimodal transportation planning, with a long range vision, is required by the federal government in Wood and Lucas counties in Ohio, and the southern three townships in Monroe County, Michigan. TMACOG coordinates that effort. Additionally we assist in helping our region to comply with the Federal Clean Air Act. You may have heard TMACOG promoting information about Ozone Action season and our gas cap testing and replacement program to help our region reduce ozone and contaminants.

TMACOG’s role in water quality planning is to help the region comply with governmental regulations for clean water. We plan ahead to protect and restore rivers and streams. We work with groups that are trying to manage stormwater, remove contaminated sediments from rivers, and keep pollutants from entering the water system. TMACOG members reach consensus on how to share responsibilities for safe and clean water for our citizens and businesses.

Our TMACOG Mission Statement:

Our TMACOG Vision Statement:

Our partners are elected officials from cities, counties, villages, and townships that choose to join TMACOG as members in working together. We also have members that are non-governmental, schools, colleges, businesses, special districts, and other groups who share in our goal to maintain and promote our region’s strong assets and quality of life. TMACOG is directed by the needs of members (about 140 in total) and governmental jurisdictions in northwest Ohio and parts of southeast Michigan. Our members are involved in our dealings with state and federal officials, often putting them in direct contact with information about grants and public policy initiatives that contribute to their effectiveness as public officials. The TMACOG staff is involved in dealings with agencies, individuals, and various layers of federal, state, and local government. If our members have an issue, TMACOG staff has the knowledge and resources available to help.

It is an honor for me to have this opportunity to continue to serve, and work with so many enthusiastic people who want the best for the region we all share. I am excited about our future and I look forward to both the challenges and opportunities that await!

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