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Fremont Water Reclamation

Faced with a deteriorating water treatment plant and a system of combined sewers–both looming problems for the City of Fremont–the city planners had some big money decisions to make. To separate the sewers would cost millions, would not fix the treatment plant, and would create its own problems such as, where to pipe the stormwater? The Sandusky River is a very large watershed and when water is high there is nowhere to put excess stormwater. They decided to put their resources into a major upgrade of the water treatment facility which treats combined sanitary waste and stormwater, and to separate sewers only when it makes sense during regular repairs. The final tab for the renovated wastewater treatment plant is expected to be $63,300,000. Its facilities include mechanical bar screens, grit removal, A2O activated sludge, secondary clarifiers, tertiary cloth disc filters, UV disinfection, Autothermal Thermophillic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) of biosolids, and centrifuge dewatering.

The new technology has resulted in reductions of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, and phosphorus by as much as two-thirds. The Fremont team is working on having their end by-product classified as Class A biosolids, which can be used as fertilizer by farmers or turned into topsoil by local businesses. Before the upgrade, the final product was Class B which must be disposed of carefully where it won’t degrade the environment.

The water plant tour was a feature of the Water Quality Council meeting held in Fremont May 17. TMACOG thanks Fremont Council Member Angie Ruiz who invited TMACOG to take our “show on the road” and hold the TMACOG Water Quality Council and 208 Update meeting in her town. She and Councilwoman Kathy Stout welcomed and greeted the attendees on behalf of the City of Fremont and provided homemade cookies and refreshments to over 50 guests.

Jeff Lamson of the City of Fremont water reclamation plant gives a tour to members
of TMACOG’s Water Quality Council and other interested visitors. On the tour were operators of other regional wastewater treatment plants, engineers, and elected officials from a wide region.

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