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Ozone Action Season

In northwest Ohio, Ozone Action Season is May through September. During these months, the chances for ozone (or smog) rising to dangerous levels are the highest. While our warmest days are in July and August, ozone tends to be highest in June when the days are longest. The City of Toledo monitors the air quality sensors and makes regular forecasts of ozone levels during Ozone Action Season.

The U.S. EPA’s current do-not-exceed standard for ozone is 70 parts per billion (ppb), based on 24-hour measurement. So far in 2017, sensors have not recorded any listing that high. The region is currently in compliance with all six measured air pollutants.

Individual actions can affect the amount of ozone in the lower atmosphere. Driving less makes a difference.

Vehicles on the road account for more than 25% of all air pollution (all types of   pollution) nationwide.
Car exhaust contributes 60% of all carbon monoxide emission in the U.S.
The average well-maintained car emits 33 pounds of pollution every 100 miles.

Other actions make a difference in ozone production.
Garden chemicals, paints, and solvents also contribute to ozone. Keep containers   sealed and dispose of products safely.
Use less energy at home: adjust the thermostat, use appliances less.
Put off grilling until late evening.
Avoid mowing the lawn or using other small engines.

To learn more, go to www.ozoneaction.org. Links include www.airnow.gov, a map of current air quality information for the U.S.

Ozone forecasts will be made by the City of Toledo twice each week, or more often during periods of unusual weather conditions. Forecasts will predict one of four levels of air quality conditions: Good; Satisfactory; Precautionary Measures Should be Taken by Sensitive Groups; and Caution. To receive the ozone forecast by e-mail, ask to be added to the Ozone Action Season list. Contact env.information@toledo.oh.gov. TMACOG also posts the information here. Social media will be used to communicate to the public on days when ozone reaches the top two levels.

To ensure our e-mails reach your inbox, please add public.info@tmacog.org to your address book.

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