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July & August 2017

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Summer Caucuses and Forum with State Lawmakers

Several state senators and representatives have already confirmed that they plan to participate in the 2017 TMACOG summer caucuses and forum Wednesday, August 2, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Penta Career Center. TMACOG members can register now to be part of this summer meeting.

In response to member evaluations from last year’s event, the agenda includes more time in caucus sessions and in the panel discussion with lawmakers. Facilitators for each of the caucuses will ask legislators a question from their caucus, ensuring that each group has their concerns presented. Also new this year is the lunch buffet for members and legislators, allowing more time for more



Golf Course will Revert to Wetlands

The Black Swamp Conservancy recently took members of the TMACOG Water Quality Council and officials in Fremont and Sandusky County on a tour of the River Cliff Golf Course in
Fremont to describe future plans for the riverside more


Nominations Sought - Clean Ohio
Fund Committee

The Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC) is an 11-member committee that evaluates applications for and allocates grants from the Clean Ohio Fund in Lucas County. TMACOG facilitates the committee. The council is currently seeking nominations to fill four vacancies, serving three-year terms.
At least one applicant must represent local government, and at least one must represent a statewide agriculture or forestry organization. The remaining appointments may be selected from any of the categories below. NRAC service is voluntary without more

Regional Water Authority Talks

Talks to create a new regional water authority are continuing and have moved to the next stage. After more than a year of discussion with a full committee of elected officials and administrators from all of the contracting communities, interested neighboring communities, and the City of Toledo, a smaller group is getting down to the more


Complete Streets Toolkit

People walking, riding the bus, using wheelchairs, and riding bicycles all appreciate infrastructure that helps them get around safely and efficiently. Complete Streets policies help transportation planners design and maintain infrastructure to ensure that the transportation system serves the entire community of all ages and abilities. The TMACOG Complete Streets Policy was ranked second in 2016 by Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition among MPO policies nationwide.

TMACOG regularly updates a regional Complete Streets Policy Toolkit as the resource for planners who are working to design, operate, and maintain multimodal systems in their communities. The City of Waterville recently joined Bowling Green, Sylvania, and Toledo to establish a local level complete streets approach.

As part of the regional policy to improve multimodal access, a complete streets checklist must be part of applications for federal funding that comes through TMACOG-managed Surface Transportation Program funds. Projects that include bike paths, sidewalk improvements, and other amenities for people who don’t use cars receive points toward funding.

Other helpful tools for planners include TMACOG’s regional level complete streets policy, the regional sidewalk policy, and maps of sidewalk facilities.

Transportation Interns are GIS Students

Sarah Zydiak has one requirement left before she graduates from Bowling Green State University and that is to complete her internship at TMACOG. As soon as she finishes her summer work here in August – collecting traffic counts and uploading data – she’ll be graduating with her bachelor’s in Geography. Laura Gantt is the second TMACOG intern working on traffic counts. She has only a little longer to go than Sarah. Laura will graduate in December with the same degree, a bachelor’s in Geography, also from more

Gas Cap Testing and Free Replacement

If your dashboard warning light sometimes comes on when you fill your gas tank or you know that your gas cap just doesn’t fit, you could be losing up to two tanks of gas a year through evaporation. It’s not only expensive, it’s polluting the air. Come to any gas cap testing event and find out if you need a new cap. If you do, we’ll replace it for free. Last year nearly 12 percent of cars and passenger trucks tested needed new caps. Older vehicles are more likely to be leaking but some newer ones are also found to be more


Thank You Peggy Ricard

The intern who started work in 1986 did not anticipate a 31-year career. Peggy Ricard was making maps with sticky tape and rubdown lettering for an agency that as far as she knew did something with roads. But before long she was visiting local governments around a five-county region, explaining the value of regional decision-making and creating the marketing pieces that told TMACOG’s more

TMACOG Audit Report Available

TMACOG finances are audited annually and that audit is reviewed by the Ohio Auditor of State. The audit for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016) has been concluded and accepted and is posted here on the Auditor of State’s website.

The report includes TMACOG’s basic financial statements: the statement of net position; the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in net position; the statement of cash flows for the major enterprise fund; the statement of net position – fiduciary fund; and the accompanying notes to the financial statements.

The auditing firm concluded that “in our opinion, The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments complied in all material respects with the compliance requirements … that could directly and materially affect its major federal program for the year ended June 30, 2016.”

Congratulations Monroe County

On July 14, 2017, Monroe County, Michigan will be turning 200 years old. Monroe is the second oldest county in Michigan (Wayne County is the oldest) and the first in the state to divide into townships.

There will be county bicentennial celebrations throughout the year. The county historical commission is planning a ball, and a local quilting guild is working on a special project quilt. Other events will be posted to the bicentennial Facebook page which has more information: Monroe County Bicentennial Committee.

Monroe County is a long-time member of TMACOG along with Bedford, Erie, and Whiteford townships; the City of Monroe; the Port of Monroe, and Monroe County Community College.

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