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Thank You Peggy Ricard

The intern who started work in 1986 did not anticipate a 31-year career. Peggy Ricard was making maps with sticky tape and rubdown lettering for an agency that as far as she knew did something with roads. But before long she was visiting local governments around a five-county region, explaining the value of regional decision-making and creating the marketing pieces that told TMACOG’s story. Along the way she re-organized all of the communications and public information staff into a cohesive, efficient department that she headed for 13 years until her retirement which will be July 31, 2017

“Peggy Ricard has been a critical part of the development of TMACOG,” said Bill Best, vice president of Finance and Administration. “Her energy and her passion have created value for our members and her graphics work has built the tools.” David Gedeon, vice president of Transportation said, “Peggy has been a TMACOG institution for thirty years! Her kind-hearted nature will be missed and her infectious laugh is irreplaceable.”

During her tenure which lasted through 24 TMACOG chairs and three permanent presidents, Peggy was a steady force. In addition to her primary job in communications, Peggy has worked in member development and retention. She also managed the Share A Ride program for a time and was the coordinator of bicycle programs during the development of the University/Parks Trail. She also kept on top of the rapid pace of changing technology in the graphic design field. The work that was once done with exacto blades and rubber cement became desktop publishing, and photoshop, and internet design and production. Peggy was the first TMACOG employee to be certified in GIS technology. Under her leadership printed materials and website design are coordinated, new technology connects TMACOG services with members, relationships with media are well-established, and the rest of TMACOG staff can count on professional communications support for their programs.

“The goal of all the communications tools is helping TMACOG members work together for our regional benefit,” she said. “I love to see these projects that staff and partners have worked on for years and years come to completion.” During her long tenure, Peggy has seen TMACOG’s influence in the region. “I point things out to the grandkids all the time,” she says. “When we drive over the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway or ride the bike paths in Oregon I tell them that TMACOG helped make this and they say ‘we know, Grandma, we know.’ It’s nice to know I had something to do with area landmarks.”

She is optimistic for future of the TMACOG region. “I hope that what I’ve seen continues to grow: more and better partnerships, less territorial feeling. We are all in it together and we’re stronger together.” She said, “I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my work here. TMACOG really is a family and we look out for each other.”

A proud lifelong resident of neighborhoods east of the Maumee River, Peggy looks forward to spending more time with her two children and three grandchildren. She and her husband, Dan, who retired from Owens Community College a month before Peggy retires, will also be doing some traveling in the RV.

Peggy’s unfailing cheerfulness and good nature will be missed. She leaves a legacy of service to members and to her fellow employees.

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