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Rain Garden Partnerships

A partnership of TMACOG, the Lucas County Land Bank, and the City of Toledo is successfully converting blighted housing into beautiful, useful green spaces in central Toledo.

There are at least 1,000 demolitions of abandoned and blighted properties in the planning stages. People who live next door to these properties have the option to take ownership after the building is razed and have a rain garden professionally installed. In two projects under development now, larger organizations are stepping in to incorporate rain gardens into their beautification and re-development plans.

A neighborhood group working in the Woodward High School neighborhood in north Toledo will include a swale and raingarden as a focus in a larger beautification project at Wilson Park. Kari Gerwin, TMACOG Stormwater Planner, said “The swale and the garden together create a treatment train that slows the flow of rainwater, collects it, and then allows water to percolate and be treated naturally in a planted rain garden.” The rain gardens feature native plants selected for their ability to thrive in flood and drought conditions. The City of Toledo Division of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry will maintain the Wilson Park garden after it’s completed.

Aurora Project is a non-profit group providing housing and life skills to empower homeless women and their children. Their residential center is acquiring two adjacent lots through demolition. The rain gardens built there will be maintained by residents and will be part of programming for the women and children in residence.


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