Gas Cap Testing and Replacement Report

One driver who got in line to have his gas cap inspected was eager to participate in the 2017 Gas Cap Testing and Replacement program. He was well aware that he had a wad of rags where a gas cap should be. He knew that he was polluting the air, not to mention wasting lots of gasoline and creating a fire hazard. He left with a new, free, gas cap installed.

The City of Toledo and TMACOG have teamed up every summer since 2000 to offer free gas cap inspections and replacements and to share information about ozone and its effect on the environment. In some parts of the country, passenger vehicles are required to be inspected and their emissions measured. Because our region is currently in attainment for air quality, testing is voluntary.

In 2017, 688 motorists participated at 26 local testing sites. Sixty-two or just over 9 percent failed vacuum tests and received a new, better fitting gas cap. As in previous years, older cars were more likely to have leaky gas caps. The only Jaguar tested did pass as did every one of 38 Jeeps tested. The program helped to prevent approximately 12, 338 pounds of pollution from entering the atmosphere. Every motorist who brought a vehicle through the testing line received information about ozone and a small thank you gift.

The Gas Cap Testing and Replacement program is supported by sponsors who accommodate drivers and the testing team. Thank you to Kroger, Barney’s, Circle K, and Shell. Local TV, newspapers, and radio also participated by sharing the testing locations on news broadcasts.The 2017 Gas Cap Summary Report is available here.

Vacuum testing supplies.


One intern notes make and model and shares information about air quality while another checks the seal on the gas cap.

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