Bike Counts and Crashes

TMACOG transportation planners are working on a series of maps and data lists to track collected information about regional bicycle and pedestrian traffic routes and safety.

One project shows locations and type of bicycle and pedestrian crashes on area roadways and bike routes. The data for the map is collected from law enforcement reports. This information can help planners decide if signage, road repair, or traffic control structures are needed at a specific location. Cyclists can also see where an alternate route would be a better choice. Click here for the GIS map. Select layers to see separate bike and pedestrian counts. Experienced GIS users will be able to sift through associated charts and graphs. Bike crashes occur all year round. See the chart for data from 2012 through 2016.

Another project is collecting counts of bicycle and pedestrian traffic. People or groups wishing to collect bicycle and/or non-motorized transportation data at a particular location are invited to call and request a count. Unless snow becomes a problem, counts will continue all winter. Contact TMACOG Transportation Technician Marc VonDeylen with requests: 419.241.9155, ext. 1136.

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