Agenda for Lake Erie

Members of TMACOG’s Water Quality Council and its committees have been working for several months on an Agenda for Lake Erie. That white paper is moving through the committee review process and will be available for public comment in March and April. The agenda will also be shared at public meetings for the 208 Plan during those months. Following public review, the plan is to have the Board of Trustees formally adopt the Agenda for Lake Erie as part of the 208 Plan at its June 20 meeting.

Why Create the Agenda for Lake Erie?
For many years, TMACOG’s stakeholders have helped to produce a well-respected TMACOG Transportation Legislative Agenda. It’s time to bring the same attention to water quality. TMACOG members agree that water and its safe supply are increasingly critical regional issues affecting public health and economic development. Members differ on specifics of how goals related to water and its use will be accomplished, but they share many positions. The Agenda for Lake Erie serves as a guidepost for decision-making in those areas where members share a broad consensus.

A policy agenda is a necessary tool for day-to-day activities and for strategic decision-making. When fundamental principles have been reviewed and agreed upon, TMACOG members can speak effectively with a unified voice in a timely manner.

How will we use the Agenda for Lake Erie?
TMACOG staff and members will use the Agenda for Lake Erie to guide day-to-day activities, public information content, and legislative outreach. The agenda will be codified as a section of the 208 Plan (the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan) and modified, reviewed, and approved using the same process as is applied to the 208 Plan as a whole.

• Letters of support
• Committee agendas (program event content)
• Program development (formation of projects or committees)
Decisions on day-to-day activities are made by staff and participating members and approved at the council and committee levels.

Public Information
• Requests for comment from media
• Press releases, newsletters, social media, and blogs
Public information materials are produced in consultation with relevant council and committee chairs when possible, or shared promptly.

Legislation and Regulation
• Providing formal comments on proposed rules and regulations
• Official resolutions stating policy on a major issue
• Lobbying legislators or regulatory agencies for action
Regulatory comments are created by leadership of councils and committees with approval of Board of Trustees on major issues.

For more information on the Agenda for Lake Erie, contact Kari Gerwin, 419.241.9155 ext. 1103.


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