Road Safety Initiatives

Spring weather means more motorcyclists on the road and more people taking driving vacations – some of them looking for directions while they drive. Ohio DOT is increasing safety outreach to try to prevent accidents.

TMACOG members who attended the recent Transportation Summit learned just how electronic devices are raising the accident rate. See the presentation from ODOT’s Michelle May here. Texting while driving is a primary offense for drivers under 18 and a secondary offense for anyone older. That means young drivers can be pulled over if a law enforcement officer suspects that a driver is texting.

Ohio motorcyclists older than 18 who have had a valid motorcycle license for over a year do not have to wear a helmet. Those motorcyclists younger than 18 who operate a motorcycle must wear a helmet that conforms to safety standards. The biggest danger to motorcyclists is the driver who doesn’t see the motorcycle. Drivers used to looking out for cars and trucks, can easily miss seeing the smaller profile of a motorcycle. Like the sign says, look twice, save a life.

Click It or Ticket
Ohio law says the use of safety belts for all drivers and passengers in the front seat is mandatory. Children ages 8 through 15 must wear a safety belt or use a child restraint device (as appropriate) at all times, regardless of where in the vehicle they are sitting.

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