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TMACOG Nominations Invited

TMACOG maintains its influence and value to its members through strong, committed leadership. This leadership is renewed annually at the January General Assembly. Nominations for councils, committees, board of trustees, and leadership are now being accepted.

At the General Assembly and business meeting, members select new committee assignments and elect the TMACOG chair and vice chair. Active member participation ensures that TMACOG remains focused on issues that are important for the quality of life in our region.

Click here to review a complete list of committees and councils on which you may serve. Anyone representing a TMACOG member may serve on a council or committee, and TMACOG needs people with a variety of skills and interests.

Please indicate your willingness to actively participate in TMACOG by simply completing and returning the committee participation form no later than Friday, December 7, 2018 . Email the form to Jennifer Allen: For questions about specific committees, responsibilities, and time commitments, contact the staff in charge of the committee you are interested in. See the staff list here.

Transportation Legislative Agenda

TMACOG staff has begun work on the 2019-2020 Transportation Legislative Agenda and will be engaging transportation stakeholders to be part of the Toledo Region Transportation Coalition that updates the agenda.

Published by TMACOG every two years, the Transportation Legislative Agenda represents the consensus of a diverse coalition of area transportation professionals and organizations that include local governments, business groups, economic development agencies, construction and supply chain associations, accessibility interests, and university and health care institutions. The Transportation Legislative Agenda includes TMACOG policy briefs, which provide insight into our region’s critical transportation issues.
The briefs are presented to federal, state, and local policymakers and lawmakers as a reference tool for legislators making decisions that will affect transportation in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

The TMACOG Transportation Legislative Agenda calls on policymakers to make prudent investments of transportation resources across all modes and to work to increase the amount of resources available. These actions contribute to economic growth by improving the movement of goods and mobility of people in northwest Ohio.

For more information on the Toledo Region Transportation Coalition, contact Austin Mack, TMACOG public administration associate, at 419.241.9155 ext. 1140.

Report on Intelligent Transportation System Workshop

In the near future, connected and automated vehicles will change the transportation system. Ambulances might speed themselves to the hospital. Your UPS driver might be a robot. Semi-trucks will likely move in tight caravans in special highway lanes. Vehicle manufacturers are working hard on all of these systems, but safe implementation will rely on infrastructure installed on streets and highways. more

ToleGO Bikes are Ready to Roll

Downtown Toledo’s shared bike program is installed and available for use. The kickoff was October 16 at Middlegrounds Metropark. There is a mobile app that can be used to find the nearest bikes, hub locations, promotions, and more. Look for Social Bicycles (SoBi) mobile application for iOS or Android more

Water Quality
A Good Crop after a Rough Start
One in a series of articles looking at the business of agriculture in northwest Ohio.

Scientists have determined that agriculture is the source of more than 80 percent of the phosphorus that reaches Lake Erie where it contributes to harmful algal blooms. (See the link to the EPA study here.) This series shows how area farmers make choices during the year to both grow a profitable crop and protect the environment that is their livelihood.

Earlier this year, in mid-May, Wood County Farmer Brendyn George was a couple weeks behind schedule, struggling to get his fields planted due to too much rain and cold. In June, as he waited for wheat to ripen and for his corn and beans to get established, he was worried that he might have to claim crop insurance for the first time ever. But in early September, things were looking up. “We had just the right amount of rain,” he said. “There were sixteen or eighteen days in a row with no rain and then an average of an inch a week, which was ideal.” more

Clear Choices, Clean Water

In the Greater Toledo Lake Erie chapter of Clear Choices Clean Water, more than 600 pledges have been posted by people who have promised to take simple everyday actions to improve water quality. Log on and pick an area to join in. You can see where others have pledged and get data about the difference you are making. Click here to volunteer to protect our water quality.

There are plenty of things individuals can do, even in colder weather, to protect Lake Erie from pollution. Pick up after your dog. Dispose of waste in the household trash or flush it. Adopt a storm drain. Pledge to keep your storm drain free from snow and ice so that it can drain flooded streets. Keep leaf piles away from your drain to keep organic matter out of the water and to keep it open and working. On the website you can be connected to other volunteer groups that work together to clean area streams, to mark storm drains, and support water-focused organizations. Working as a group can be even more effective. Sign up your scout troop or classroom for Clear Choices Clean Water and watch your impact grow.

If you have taken a pledge, let us know what you have learned. Post photos on social media with hashtag #lakeeriestartshere, and contact Water Quality Planner Sara Guiher with photos or news: 419.241.9155, ext. 1147.

Agricultural Use of Dredged Materials

Research into how agriculture intersects with the health of Lake Erie is continuing with projects funded by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission through the Lake Erie Protection Fund. The recently formed DRIFT committee (Dredge Research and Innovation in Farming Team), composed of farmers, soil experts, and staff of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, reviewed grant applications and recommended approval of two grants that they hope will generate valuable information about the potential beneficial reuse of dredged materials on farmland. TMACOG Director of Water Quality Kari Gerwin serves on the committee. more



Member News

2018 General Assembly

Monday, January 28, 2019, 8 a.m.-1:15 p.m.
Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg

Registration is open for the 2019 General Assembly of TMACOG members. The theme for the program is the impact of Lake Erie on travel, tourism and economic development in northwest Ohio and southeast more

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