Updating the Long Range Transportation Plan

Transportation Planner Dana Doubler is leading the update to the 2015-2045 Transportation Plan. Public meetings are scheduled throughout the region from late February to early April.

A transportation plan that serves everyone in the region needs input from everyone in the region to work most efficiently for the most people. TMACOG and regional stakeholders have begun updating the region’s Transportation Plan, and your input is needed to make this plan successful!

The “On the Move: 2015-2045 Transportation Plan – Update 2020” is a federally required document which reviews all modes of transportation – highways, freight, rail, public transit, bicycle, sidewalk, air, water – any mode that people and businesses use to get where they need to go.

In the plan are projects, policies, and initiatives which address the community’s needs and get us closer to our transportation goals. The plan also sets priorities over the next 20 years for millions of dollars of federal transportation funds that come to our region for these projects, policies, and initiatives.

Getting public input is a critical part of the process to update this plan. All are welcome to attend upcoming public meetings to voice their transportation needs. At the meetings people will be able to see the current plan and explore maps showing details of the entire multimodal system. See below for the full schedule of meetings.

You can give your input at a public meeting, or by contacting me directly at doubler@tmacog.org or 419.241.9155, ext. 1117. Also visit http://www.tmacog.org/onthemove/ for updates and for more information about the Transportation Plan.


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